Tuesday, April 29, 2008

But what color is it?!

You have some really strange conversations when you're trying to document a project. For sake of tech neutrality, I'll use an analogy: house building. We've built a house. Now I need to document what color the walls are.

"What color did you paint the walls?"

"They were yellow a few months ago."

"... But what color are they now? Are they still yellow?"

"Industry standard is eggshell, but of course, we didn't go with that."

"Okay... they're not eggshell. I don't think they're yellow. What color are the walls now?"

"I'm planning on painting them green in the future, but the current budget didn't allow for it this time around."

"What color are the walls now? At this time? At this juncture in the space-time continuum?"

"I just want to let you know... the customer insisted on the colors. We had nothing to do with it."

"Do you want me to guess? Are they blue?"

"Pfft. Everyone knows blue isn't scalable."

"Please. Just tell me. What color are the walls?"

"I used Benjamin Moore flat, applied with a 2" polyfiber roller with edging done by a 3/4" angled camel hair brush."

"There was not one color in that sentence."

"But it's important. Write it down."

"RRRrrrrr Fine. I'll go look myself."


"Okay, they're pink."

"Technically, they're salmon."

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